Hair Lies the Truth…

Many of us may have experienced some lofty superstition passed down by family; I know I have. Growing up there were a plethora of old wive’s tales that plagued me. They each weighed heavily in my mini psyche, but still I carried them over, dutifully, into my adult life. There were a couple that forbid particular acts, for no rhyme or reason aside from being cursed with bad luck. Dodging these omens became a force of habit. I had to develop and implement a mantra forsaking superstition in order to reverse the years of psychological damage.

Religiously, I obeyed restrictions against opening umbrellas inside the house. Don’t even think about resting a pocketbook or purse on the floor; you would never keep a dollar!  Have you heard the one about not sweeping anyone’s feet with a broom, or else run the risk of never marrying? And, that had its very own “reverse-the-curse” remedy! What about step on a crack, break your mother’s back? Can you imagine having to avoid cracks in the sidewalk your entire life to prevent from your mother from having a serious back injury!? It’s enough to incur an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!! The most interesting was about hen burning every strand of shedding hair caught in combs and brushes to escape a hex. Even still, I don’t place hats on beds. In fact, you might be surprised about the many myths and untrue ideas attached to natural hair. They have been blown completely out of proportion. I stand to correct all fallacies and bare the naked truth behind natural hair myths…Below is a short quiz, go ahead, test your knowledge? Leave your answers in the contact box and follow, to enter “Haute Picks” giveaway.

10. Because your hair is natural there is no need for regular washing; dirt helps the hair grow. True or False

9. All hair extensions cause damage to both your hair and scalp. T/F

8. If you want to go natural and have relaxed hair; you can reverse this process by washing your hair with various household products i.e. Bleach, vinegar, or laundry detergent. T/F

7. Texturizers make natural hair manageable. T/F

6. Eggs, mayonnaise, and beer can used on natural hair as a conditioner. T/F

5. Locs are permanent; they have to be cut off. T/F

4. Pure Honey can be used for loc maintenance as well as for loc start up. T/F

3. Natural hair requires little to zero maintenance. T/F

2. Beeswax is great for starter locs; it helps the hair loc quickly. T/F

1. Hair care products advertised as natural are chemical free. T/F

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