Heat damage is a texture killer coming in second after creamy crack. Because we have a head full of healthy natural hair, there’s a tendency to believe that it too is ironclad. Wishful thinking… for some of us high temperature flat-ironing and pressing can cause irreversible consequences; especially at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. I know first hand what many are facing. After high heat straightening, our tresses lose elasticity, lacks luster and volume, as it once had. I hate to be the bearer of not so great news, but I have to tell like it ’tis. There’s no conditioner, oil, magic potion, ancient Chinese secret, old wives’ tale, voodoo, trick up the sleeve or miracle product that will alter this damage. The only thing that will change this is a sharp tool…and I think you know which one I am alluding to. The great news however, is that IT IS JUST HAIR and it will grow back before you even begin to toil over having done the “deed”. Right now, women donning low hair cuts is all the rage. Early this spring season, I was dealing with the exact scenario. I was too thrilled to see the bird’s nest on top of my head gone. It is a major leap, but I know you can pull it off. Turn down the heat on that flat-iron turn up the heat with a new look. BEFORE HEAT-STYLING



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