What is your story???

Today I visited one of my favorite discount designer stores, Loehmann’s. I love, love, love me some Loehmann’s. As I meticulously thumbed through one clothing rounder after another, in my search for fabulously inexpensive summer dresses, an older woman tapped me on my shoulder. She said to me, “Try some color girl.”, chuckled, then walked off. Anyone who knows me well enough, is aware of how much black is in my wardrobe. This woman, this stranger, sharing aisle space after only a few moments, had figured out my fixation on black clothing. I knew very little about her, beside the fact that she smelled of Frankincense and Myrrh, the fragrance cleared my sinus passage. And, she had a full head of gorgeous salt and pepper colored locs, that fell waist length.

I often wonder what goes into a loc? And by that, I don’t mean product.
I’m alluding to the type of energy, life, love, spirit, wisdom; even the lack thereof. Locs, no matter whose head they grow from, exude so much character. Be it starter locs or Rapunzel locs, curled, styled or unkempt, they all tell an untold story. I find myself too curious about each journey. Unless I ask, I am always left to imagine…

Finally, I decide on a strapless number, leopard, it appeals my primal side. Still, I can’t get this woman and her silvery locs out of my head. I make way to the check out line, there she is. This time I tap her on the shoulder, hand her my business card and say, “I’d love to hear your story.”

*** Hotpeeznbutta would love to hear YOUR loc story as well. And to prove it, Hotpeeznbutta is gifting a randomly selected reader with a full Loc service (wash, condition, groom, style). Adding to the gift experience, I am including a GIVEAWAY of my favorite Jane Carter Solutions products.***

*** To enter, all you need to do is click follow, up top  and leave a comment about your locs, down below. And of course, spread the word! Promotion ends June 7th. Winner will be announced June 8th.***

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10 thoughts on “What is your story???

  1. Lindsey Compton on said:

    Who won??

    • You did! Lol, but you don’t have locs…therefore, I am gifting you $25 off a service of your choice. When you are ready, contact me.

      • Lindsey Compton on said:

        Yay! How will I receive this service? I’m asssuming at your salon? Just checking! Do you want my address for the Jane Carter products?

      • Yes, you may receive the service at the salon. The products were apart of the loc giveaway, so you don’t actually qualify for that portion. However, if you prefer the products over the discount let me know.

      • Lindsey Compton on said:

        Hi again! Sorry for the late response. I probably won’t be able to go to your salon if you’re not located in Illinois…? In that case, would the products be possible instead?

      • Absolutely! All you need to do is go to the “MEET THE STYLIST” page, send your information in the contact box and spread the word about Hotpeeznbutta!

      • Lindsey Compton on said:

        Will do!

  2. Lindsey Compton on said:

    To be honest, I don’t have locs and ONLY because I just became a natural (5 months ago). I cut off my permed hair because I fell in love when I used to watch YouTube videos from other loc-sisters and natural beauties. There was this stigma growing up that our hair was “nappy,” and for years I believed that. But those tiny coils I felt growing under my chemically altered hair were dieing to be released.

    So I cut off all my hair, and I’m the most confident I have been about my hair in a really, really long time. I want to teach other African American and Black women that OUR hair is not nappy…it’s actually absolutely lovely.

    So, I don’t have locs, but I’m actually in the process of braiding my hair to see if I want locs (although this braiding ordeal is wearing on my hands lol). But with locs one day, I know I would love the beauty in them. There’s something beautiful about us that I hope more women will see.

    • Linsdsay, welcome to the natural side of hair! I am pleased to see the re-emergence of embracing and loving of natural hair. Five months in, you have a journey before you. You will learn the intricacies of your natural hair. You will become familiar with its likes and dislikes and how your hair responds to the wide range of products on the market; both commercial and homemade concoctions. With the plethora of natural hairstyles to experience, you will begin to define your style. There is something out there unique to who you are, inside and out. In fact, you may check out my gallery of styles by clicking on the HOTSHOTS tab…enjoy the walk.

      • Lindsey Compton on said:

        LOVED the gallery! You have a really great blog that I will be utilizing for the future. Thank you so much, and I will def. contact you with any and every question I have. ❤

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