Have We Arrived…???

It was the middle of April. Spring had sprung and I had become overwhelmed by that certain itch for change. I was going through another metamorphosis, as related to my hair. The very thing I loved most about my natural hair was the must troubling; a whole bunch of style options and still, I couldn’t decide on one. I wanted it lighter, longer, shorter, kinkier, curlier, all at the same time. I even considered loc’ing, the one natural style, I have yet to experience. So, I slept on it and then I awoke, knowing exactly what to do. I went to my barber and he knew exactly what to do…

To date, being hairless is my best hair moment ever. My low cut Cesar, garnered more attention and compliments than any hairdo I’ve worn. Men were intrigued. Women struck up conversation about my “arrival” and their desire to have natural hair. In fact, this is how I met filmmaker, Zina Saro-Wiwa, who presented a short documentary titled “Transitions”, which is featured in the Op-Docs section of The New York Times online. We chatted about transitions, natural hair textures and options. We discussed products, natural hair facts and myths. We traveled in the rain, on a Sunday afternoon, to a Natural Hair Expo in an effort to soak up all things natural. There we witnessed a community of natural people, some on theirway, some arriving, some seeking and some finding. Are you on your way? Or, have you already arrived? Check out the documentary below, let us know what you think.

To view the “Transitions” video, copy & paste link below in your browser:

I received honorable mention for my participation


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