Yesterday afternoon, I opened my front door and there he was… The devil, playing skelly in my driveway. As I adjusted my focus, making sure that what I was witnessing was all hoax, I could have sworn Lucifer himself, pulled a rag from his back pocket and wiped sweat from his forehead. Make no mistakes about it; It is HOT!!! Temperatures are hitting the 110 degree mark and we aren’t even a good two weeks into summer! Needless to say, I spent a cool day inside, planning “Hotpeeznbutta’s Haute Picks”, a summer series of HOT giveaways that I think are HAUTE; one of which will be the infamous “Brooklyn Twist”…they are so Haute. Be sure to follow and stay tuned…

While I don’t mean to childishly stick out my tongue, with my thumbs stuck in my ears, wiggling my fingers and teasing you, but I must say—– this Big Chop is definitely doing wonders for me in this sweltering hot…ok, I’m teasing (laughs out loud).

What are you naturals doing with the hair to beat the heat?

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