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For all those awaiting the the answers to the “Hair Lies the Truth…” giveaway questionnaire, here goes!!

10. False
There is no set schedule for washing natural hair; each individual is different in terms of needs. While there are benefits to extended periods between shampoos, growth by way of dirt, is not one of them. Though it is a means of retaining one’s natural moisture. Washing the hair every 1-2 weeks is recommended; 4 weeks if in the early stages of loc-ing. If you must wash your hair regularly and/or do not want to disturb certain hair styles, a mixed solution of 1 part water and 1 part witch hazel will tie you over. You may use a spray bottle to apply the solution to the scalp and gently rub with a wash cloth. Spray rinse with plain water. Do remember to replenish the hair and scalp with natural oils to restore moisture. My favorite is extra virgin olive oil.

9. False.
So sorry to say it, but damage experienced while wearing extensions is usually due to malpractice or maltreatment. That said, it is due to either improper application, poor maintenance or a combination of both. Certain formalities are necessary when wearing extensions, I like to refer to them as ‘Rules of Engagement’
– For starters, the hair and scalp must be in a healthy state.
– Extensions should be evenly distributed to the hair it is being added, (A bundle of hair is too heavy for a few strands of hair to support)
-The amount of tension applied for braiding and weaving the hair should be minimal. (Hair should not be so tightly braided, that brain matter is oozing from the scalp)
– Maintaining the the health of your own hair is MANDATORY although extensions are worn. (Stick to your normal hair care regimen)
– Remove extensions in a timely manner (unless you intend to loc). Most braid styles last 2-3 months and require touch ups half way through. Touch-ups not only extends the wear but also maintain the health of hair by preventing breakage in vulnerable areas. i.e (edges) due to the weight of extensions hanging from new growth.

8. False
While it is safe to use vinegar in your hair, it will not transform chemically relaxed hair into natural hair. Vinegar can be used as a hair conditioner. Laundry detergent, and bleach, which should not be used on any part of the body, is for clothing, period! (Permanent relaxers perform just as it suggest “permanent”)

7. False
Texturizers cause natural hair to be texturized hair. Do not be fooled by word play. Texturizing is a chemical process that alters the texture of hair in the same fashion as permanent relaxers. The difference is the amount of time needed for each product to process.

6. True.
– Mayonnaise contains cholesterol, which is a great source of softening, strengthening, and hydration for dry and brittle hair.
– Eggs are also high in cholesterol; they can be used to treat dandruff and add shine to hair.
– Beer has ingredients such as hops, a flower used in herbal medicine and a host of B vitamins.They are used in a variety in a variety of hair products, namely conditioners because of the body, nourishment, and manageability each offers.

5. False.
Once upon a time this would be considered true. Today however, it is definately an option; Thanks to creative and innovative natural hairstylist. Loc removal is a tedious task that takes anywhere from 10 days upward of 4 weeks. Receiving this service from a skilled natural hair stylist or loctician may speed up the process. The plus is you will receive the the proper care needed once locs are removed. Shedding can be expected but proper after care will revitalized the hair. Remember, patience is a virtue.

4. True.
For those who want an au natural alternative honey is as organic as it gets. When used for loc maintenance and starter locs the thick and sticky consistency works ideally as a holding agent. To do this you may evenly mix 1 part honey and 1 part aloe vera (also organic) to form a gel. That aside, honey contains properties that qualify as antiseptic and antibacterial. (Yes, it can be eaten- No, it won’t sour)

3. False
Natural hair requires as much maintenance as chemically treated hair. Natural hairstyles tend to last a lot longer, but that is no excuse to deprive beautiful tresses of the love, luster and health it needs to serve you.

2. False.
Beeswax mimics honey in two ways. It is organic and it can be used as a holding agent because of its texture and stickiness. However, it is not the best choice to use; beeswax falls short because of density. It can be blended with oils for thinning purposes but its use becomes a double edge sword. Beeswax is as greasy as it is thick. Once applied, it sits on top of the hair, and doesn’t degrade as well as other products. Its stickiness causes the hair to pick up dirt, dust, lent, and other environmental elements. This also makes washing messy, and creates build up, locs will appear dingy and grayish (not a good look). Beeswax is to be considered a pariah when it comes to locing.

1. False! False! False!
A host of companies have implemented natural hair care products to their product line. All in an effort of appealing to and benefit from a growing market (I won’t name names). Do not get caught up in a tangled web of marketing tactics. Do your homework. Sure, the ingredients have more vitamins than you knew existed as well as enough moisturizng elements to condition your hair,skin, nails and entire body. However, this does not ensure the product is chemical free. Buying hair products from health food stores does not guarantee a chemical free product either. In fact, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a commonly used chemical in shampoo. SLS is known to have many health implications and maybe a contributing factor increasing female cancers as well as effecting male fertility. Things we all can do without. In this regard, be mindful, keep a watchful eye and read ingredients.

* Hope this information has been resourceful…keep it kinky 😉

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