Short Hair…Don’t Care!

Scratching your head, having a “WTF is NEXT?” moment?

Big Chop boredom is of no consequence. Especially, after so many trips to the barber to maintain that crisp aesthetic. Then, there’s the average time it takes for normal hair growth (1/2 inch per month), feels like it will be an eternity before there is enough length to rock all the hottest and latest natural hairstyles. A lot of us just can’t wait; trust me, I knooooow. I’ve been wanting some Brooklyn Twist, ever since their inception. Nevertheless, as the old adage goes— You’ve got to work with what you’ve got! The great thing —- it’s not a difficult task. The alternatives can be as haute and fashion forward as any wardrobe you pair them with. The only requirement is to have fun AND follow Hotpeeznbutta by clicking follow link in the top corner!

The Headwrap…


The Hat…



The Bold Sunflower…


The Veil…



The Blonde Bombshell…


photography credit: Ahsan Washington

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One thought on “Short Hair…Don’t Care!

  1. Reblogged this on NATURALLY FRESH BOULEVARD and commented:

    Here’s an early post I’d done on my hair blog (@ I thought it was a significant fashion piece to add here on the boulevard. It is totally relevant for those days, when hair alternatives are needed. Check it out; of course, it’s Naturally Fresh y’all.

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