Baby. Baby. Baby.

Natural Babies start in the womb. It has always been a good idea to cease the use of chemical products while gestating. The transfer of such harmful elements are easily transferred from mom-to-infant through the umbilical cord, in the same way as all the helpful nutrients. It’s a no-brainer. Pregnancy, is an ideal time to transition from chemically processed to chemically free hair. And, there are many ways to make this happen. Protective styles such as braids, worn throughout maternity have always been the healthy hair and baby thing to do. However, two-strand twist are as low maintenance and stylish on mommies to be. They can last up to six weeks, if the are properly maintained. This means wrapping the hair in a silk or satin scarf or sleeping on a pillow case of the same fabric. Oiling the scalp with olive oil or any of Simply Organics essential oils; Argan, Jojoba, Coconut, Jamaican black castor… They are all Simply fabulous. Last, but certainly not least, moisturizing the twist with coconut oil. These initiatives will give you the most bang for your buck and the super chic part is the twist out. The twist out extends the wear for at least another week. Think about it mommies, but don’t ponder long…

***Hotpeeznbutta Promotion***

Individual two-strand twist with complimentary rod $65
this promotion is for the remaining days in January.
Get ’em while it’s Hot!




Hair: Hotpeeznbutta, Ida Harris
Photo: Courtesy of Jada & Lotus

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