Anointed Hands

When it comes to hair woes, you may think nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen. Trust me, I know your sorrows. Eight years ago, I left New York City’s hustle and bustle for Atlanta’s hospitable southern living. What I hadn’t realized was that I left behind my own coveted stylist; yes, natural hairstylist need love too. Besides myself, Thema Taylor of Natural Edgez has been the only one to lay hands on my scalp. I hadn’t factored my hair into the relocation and I was extremely reluctant to give anyone new a shot. I even scheduled hair appointments around visits to New York. When my travels slowed, I finally gave in to circumstance and trusted my kinky coif to a regional stylist. In three months, one local hairstylist had become five; my big fro became my big chop.
I was disappointed with the natural hairstylist I encountered. I wanted the same quality service and stunning hairdo’s that I offered my own clients, but it wasn’t happening. So, I too know the frustration in trying to connect with that person, who encompasses everything you want and need in a natural hairstylist. A hairstylist is not just someone who dabbles in your kinkiness. He or she will be the person you trade energy with. This will be the person with whom you will trust, with your unguarded spirit, insecurities and maybe even your secrets… Enter Buki, she too was troubled with securing a natural hairstylist for her precious locs after relocating. She was placed in my care by a client and friend, who I like to refer to as the gatekeeper. Hotpeeznbutta operates like an angel network of sorts. Collectively, we take care of one another. Hotpeeznbutta is definitely a caretaker.

Needless to say, Ms. Buki was a bit apprehensive about working with a new stylist… now, let’s just say, Ms. Buki has a new stylist 😉


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