Stepping Up

I am thankful that being a baby in and of itself is a beautiful thing. Heavens only knows about the hairstyles parents consider cute, when we are tiny people. It usually boarders animated and cartoonish, bless their big hearts. I had my fair share of rubber-banded twisties, onion styled cornrows, 101 bo-bos, 1001 barrettes and 1,000,001 beads. Surely, my aunt found these hairdos to be the most stylish and age appropriate. And, certainly as a parent and nurturer, there is this natural instinct to cradle the young in the bosom as long as possible. However, by age 12 my hormones did not agree. When I looked in the mirror, I saw an oversized telly tubby with beaded braids. It was definitely time for my hairstyle to graduate with me into Junior High School. Unfortunately in my day, that promotion meant a plastic cap, curl activator and a juicy Jheri. My fab client Mari, knows this scenario all too well. This school semester she is stepping into high school hallways and quite frankly the middle school do, just won’t do. Mari, who has locs, was contemplating cutting them. Thankfully, there are loc alternatives. Along with her mom, Mari eventually opted for a loc upgrade. Hotpeeznbutta was there, to deliver the Nu loc extension. Applauds to a mature young lady, making mature decisions! Go Mari!!








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