Ain’t. No. Body. Got. Time. For. That!

Hotpeeznbutta is a veteran in this industry, I started out as a braider, many moons ago. I know all too well, about the time consumption involved in having the tresses groomed. Natural hairstyles tend to beat out relaxer styles, in clockable hours. There are hairstyles that take incredibly long and there’s just no getting around that. I remember days when I began a style at 8am and completed the same do at 8am, the next morning. Without exaggeration, I have watched the sun rise, set and rise again, while doing a client’s hair. To protect that hairdo from extinction, I won’t even mention which style it was. Though, for the first person who guesses correctly, I will gift a $50 credit toward a Hotpeeznbutta experience.

On the lighter side of this topic, I affirm that it doesn’t have to hurt to be beautiful. The coolest thing about donning natural hair is that there are always options. Charleen, was most pleased in finding this out. Because she has a busy schedule as a medical professional, she needed a style that was time efficient, yet and still cute. Hotpeeznbutta created a 90 minute hairstyle, which covered her request in full. Too add cherries on top, it is a transitional style that may be twisted out for a voluminous effect and is also cost effective and last up-to four weeks.

Peep the 90 minute hairdo below, then get you some!!
Check back in four weeks for the twist-out results and try your hand for the $50 discount! Well wishes!









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3 thoughts on “Ain’t. No. Body. Got. Time. For. That!

  1. I’m going to go with waist-length microbraids. That seems like it would take quite some time!

  2. We would like to do a hair feature on you for if you are interested please feel free to email us at

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