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AUGUST 08, 2012

I’m enjoying this Big Chop. The benefit of starting my day tress free is priceless. There’s never a bad hair day and I’m always on time. For me, removing hair has also meant removing my hang-ups about my hair— It’s not big enough… It’s not curly enough… It’s not as dense as I would like… It’s dry. I had every hair issue, all of which prevented me from donning my own natural coiffures. I relied heavily on protective styling. These factors were key in my decision to go Caesar with it. What’s pressing is the fact that there are days when I miss my previous hair length and all the versatility it offered, extensions, weaves and all. On days like today, I am suffering big chop blues… I thrifted this beautiful vintage dress, it did wonders for my mood. Although I was blue, I was naturally fresh y’all…

Dress: Thrifted. Earrings: Bebe. Bracelets:(Unknown) Loehmann’s.

photographer: Ahsan Washington

GOING GREEN… (JULY 21, 2012)

Naturally Fresh Boulevard does exist and not only in my mind. I was driving on the South Side, coming from having my hair braided, waist-length cornrows to be exact and they were crispy! I’m sure most can identify with that Superfly energy that creeps into your psyche, after having your hair done… So there i was, stopped at a traffic light facing a street called, Naturally Fresh Blvd. Without thinking, I found myself peeking in the rear view mirror at my newly sculpted hairdo, checking my blush, lipstick. I was feeling so fresh and so clean and so naturally haute. I was caught up in the moment of feeling naturally fresh on Naturally Fresh Blvd…and then the horns started blowing. I look up and there’s a green light looking back at me…and here we are. Naturally Fresh Blvd, is green-lighted as a Style blog showcasing natural hair and fresh ensembles by yours truly…Stay tuned!





Dress by Mimi Chica. Belt (thrifted). Sandals by BCBG. Heels by Jessica Simpson. Accessories from my personal stash (had ’em a while).

Photography credit: Ahsan Washington



  1. Thank you…Ms Moody. It is a street name I will share residency with all, as we wake it day and get fresh, naturally. Mr. Washington is my personal favorite.

  2. Beautifully written article and Street name made just for you :). Talk about being at the right place at the right time and living the moment. Thumbs up to your Photographer Mr. Washington.

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